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Terms of Service

  • PayMySearch.com is for users, not for bots. We block all accounts with bot behavior.
  • The block of any account, will delete all the earns, also the referral earns.
  • We show trends in searches. But, if you want use PayMySearch.com for make trends, we block your IP.
  • Use a valid email account. You need verify your account before login.
  • Once you have validated your account. You will receive between 1 and 110 satoshi per search, depending on how long you have delayed the previous search. And between 1 and 2 satoshi for the search of your referrals, depending on the good behavior of your account.
  • Satoshi is not paid for: repeated searches, immediate searches (in less than 5 seconds), blocked accounts, and neither, are paid satoshi from referrals that have been blocked.
  • This simple terms of service may change at any moment.
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